Tuesday, 4 May 2010

27 Lower Body Exercises

Sorry in advanced as I rushed to post this topic today, but I hope you'll find these lower body exercises useful to use in your workouts.

Developing leg strength and power are important in many sports, from kung fu kicks and jumps to nordic walking. However, even more important is endurance for our daily activities. As long as we are able to stand, we all have to carry ourselves on our legs (which doesn't mean only our leg muscles are helping to keep us up, but they play a major role).

27 Lower Body Exercises

  1. Bodyweight Squats
  2. Half Bodyweight Squats
  3. Hindu Squats
  4. Half Hindu Squats
  5. Bent Squats
  6. BootStrapper
  7. Bounding Squats
  8. Jump Squats
  9. Jump & Tuck Squat
  10. Lateral Squats
  11. Squat Thrusts
  12. Rear Leg Elevated Squat
  13. Scorpian Thrusts
  14. The Pistol (One Legged Squat)
  15. Elevated One Legged Squats
  16. Lunges
  17. Reverse Lunge
  18. Jumping Lunges
  19. Knee Jumps (complements of FitDaily)
  20. Knee Drops
  21. Prison Shower Defence
  22. Calf Raises
  23. Sprinting
  24. Rebounding
  25. Depth Jumps
  26. Hopping
  27. Box Jumping


I purposefully haven't included isometrics, but will dedicate a post or a few to them soon. All the lower body exercises are cyclic and so can be done repetitiously.


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Bodyweight & Hindu Squats
Bodyweight Squats: The Key To Massive Leg Size And Strength

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Gemma aka AnonymousJ

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