Monday, 19 April 2010

The Resting Stance

Taking A Rest With The Resting Stance

If you've gotten to grips with kung fu stances before, you will have heard of the physically challenging resting stance. I wouldn't myself consider it as a form of rest, but hey. What ya gonna do? It's seen many times in wushu competitions and is considered a basic stance just like the horse stance. You may also know it as the Cross Legged Stance.

Method To Doing The Resting Stance

  • Start with feet shoulder width apart.
  • We want to cross our left leg behind our right so that we have crossed legs, also shoulder with apart.
  • The left foot should also be behind your right, not in line with it.
  • Turn your right feet outwards at about a 45 degree angle.
  • Squat down whilst keeping your right foot flat and the left foot on its toes.
  • The left leg should fold neatly underneath your right leg.

PS. Rising out of the resting stance is a lot of fun! Ahem.
And also, if I get something wrong, as I'm only an avid student, please tell me at Thanks.

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