Sunday, 21 February 2010

So, you can do the push up? Which one though?

“Get down, and give me 20” says the instructor. You know what he wants you to do. Push ups are definitely in order, however, what he doesn't tell you is which push up to do. He assumes you know that you're going to do the classic form. Right? Do you know the difference between the classic push up, the wide arm push up, the pike and straddle planche forms? That's just for starters. You may or may not be surprised that there are at least twenty-one different forms and those are the ones that I've counted so far. You won't just be working the chest area either. Some rely heavily on the core, whilst others rely more on the arms, back and shoulders. Which ones from the list can you do already? If you read my last post, you'll realise I'm only at entry level (if you can even call it that). So feel free to let me know what level push ups you can do and how long it took you to be able to them.

Here they are in general order from easiest to hardest:

Wall Push Ups
Knee Push Ups
Inclined Push Ups
Classic Push Ups
Declined Push Ups
Wide Arm Push Ups
Diamond Push Ups
Hindu Push Ups
Medicine Ball Push Ups
Divebomber Push Ups
One legged push up
Push Up Claps
One Arm Push Ups
Thumb Push Ups
Spiderman push ups
Sliding spiderman push ups
Superman push ups (for your back muscles)
Pike Push Ups
One legged, one armed push ups
Straddle Planche to Push Up
Planche Push Ups
Handstand push ups

Click here to get PART ONE of the PUSH UP GUIDE with descriptions and video links.

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